Saturday, December 31, 2011

The end. Of the year that is.

Is it really the last day of 2011?  How on earth did that happen?   How ever it happened, it happened.  So with ththe end of the year come resolutions.  Resolutions to do more, see more,  eat more, or eat less, have more fun, be more productive(!),  spend more time with family,  get fit, loose weight, gain weight....etc.  You know the usual suspects.  My Resolution?  To keep on keepin' on.  Nothing fancy.  Just to finish the things I've started would be win in my books.   Finish my homework.  Finish the faux chinielled blanket I started my daughter.  Finish the work table in my craft room.  But mostly, finish my homework!   I wont promise to blog more.  That's just wishful thinking.  I'll be blogging still though,  don't you worry.

And to finish up the year, here are a few pictures of things I've not posted because they were for swaps.
These are the BFL locks I've been washing lock by lock.  They take color wonderfully.  I shipped them off with a few chunks of bamboo top.
BFL locks and bamboo tops

These next two are Shetland tops, kettle dyed.
Shetland top, in oh so blue 3oz.  With homemade drop spindle

Shetland top, in cranberry 3oz.  With oriface hook

And this yarn was1/2 spindle spun, 1/2 wheel spun.  It was pencil roving from The Woole Shoppe.

Remember Spin in your Jammies day?  Well, I've recieved my wonderful package from Tomorrow Farm!  A lovely batt and some yarn samples.  And again, my camera has up and walked away (go figure) so no pics of those lovelies.  For now anyway:)

And since I have the whole "finish what you start" resolution,  I'll finally post the pictures of the craft fair I've been meaning to post since the end of November.   I did really good at this sale, and alright at the other (that I didn't take pics of)  The big upside to the second craft show was not monitary at all though.  The big thing from that one was a new (Local!!!) spinning friend, and I made the cover of the local free paper!!  Which was all to exciting, as it gives a lot of press to spinning, and the notion you can even do that anymore to a lot of people who would have otherwise not known.  And, at both fairs I was able to convince a few young ladies to try the drop spindles.   I still have the sample of yarn, which I think I'll work into some project at some point.

Craft fairCraft fairCraft fairCraft fair

I hope your 2011 was a fabulous as mine was, and I hope that 2012 is just as fabulous.  2011 proved I could take on anything, and I'll keep that with me for the years to come.


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