Thursday, March 8, 2018

Bloom where you're planted

Obstacles.  Everyone has them.  You can just sit there, and lament how you have them, or you can choose to do something about it, and live out your dreams and goals despite (or in spite of) them.

My personal dreams and goals include creating on a daily basis. They include becoming known for my creations and for my knowledge. I'm working towards these every day.  But one big obstacle I face is distance.  Distance from other like-minded individuals.  Distance from places I could be selling my goods. Distance from opportunity to grow in person connections and in person communities.  This distance has a way of keeping me in the mind set that "if I were just a bit closer, everything would be better."  However, today, I'm going to start to ignore my distance from "everything".  Truly in todays world distance is irrelevant, due to the internet and telecommunications.  There's no reason for this obstacle to be an obstacle.

Bloom where you're planted.  I happen to be planted on the edge of civilization (at least it very much feels like the edge) That should not stop me from blooming.

Do you have obstacles, and what are they?  How are you planning to overcome them?

Happily Spinning,


P.S.  You can also find this post at where I'll be transitioning to.   I've got the domain, so I intend to use it more!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


It's 2018.

It's time for focus.

It's time to decide on the direction I'm going. 

It is going to include teaching. While I have one guaranteed position, I need to find more.

It is going to include writing. 

It is going to include yarn. In what capacity, I'm not sure.

Will it include felt?  And if it does, in what capacity?

Will it include dyeing?  I can't see how it won't. 

I know I will not be making yarn from raw fleece, no matter how nice it is to have 100% local Western Canadian yarns.

I know I won't be needle felting unless it's for fun.

This still doesn't seem quite as focused as I'd like it to be though.  I suppose time will tell.  And perhaps experiences this year will lead me to the right path. 

I hope you can also find focus this year, or find what it is you need this year. 

Happily Spinning,


Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve

The air is crisp, and the sky is clear.  I know this because despite the roaring fire in the wood stove, the new Christmas jammies, husband snuggles on the couch and my certain holiday induced exhaustion (which every mother knows well!), I had to venture out to the Shedio to grab the Jolly Old Man (Santa!) gifts.  Yes, we do the Santa thing. We don't do the elf thing, but we do the Santa thing.  He brings gifts and stuffs stockings and keeps a little magic to our holiday celebrations.

We don't quite celebrate Christmas*, and we don't quite not celebrate Christmas either. We keep some of the traditions - the tree, the Santa ruse, the cookie baking, the ridiculous feasting, and enough gift giving to feel blessed, but not enough to spoil.  I think it strikes the right balance of spreading joy and love and wonder.

So, on this crisp and clear night, perfect for flying reindeer and magical Jolly Old Men,  I wish you all a Merry Christmas.  And if your holiday of choice happens to be Yule, or Kwanzaa, or Festivus, or Hanukkah, or even if you don't celebrate anything at all right now, I wish you the best of days and the happiest times with family and friends and relevant celebrations.  Love and light <3

Happily Spinning,


*Christian Christmas

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Post Spinzilla 2017

Holy cow you guys. Spinzilla week was intense.  There was life (kids activities, pedicures-given not received, my own fun times - learning my lines and practicing a play) and of course Thanksgiving travels.

I had a slow start with that pedicure and our regular Girl Guide meeting on the first day.  But I picked up the pace as the week went on, with Thursday seeing no responsibilities at all (well, except feeding kids etc...) I made nearly a whole a kilometre in one day! .94731Km to be exact! so that's pretty cool.

1036 yards out of 3 oz in one day! 
Then, the Thanksgiving travels came, and I plugged my Ashford e-spinner* into the lighter thingy in the van and kept on spinning!  I managed to get a few skeins done over the weekend, but nothing like I would have if I was at home.  But that's ok!  I love my famjam, and they are worth the fewer yards spun.
Car spun!

My grand total was 5310 yard, or 4.8km, or 3 miles!  Not to shabby, if I do say so myself.  I'm pretty sure I didn't break my record, but that's alright.  There's always next year... or next week ;)

Happily Spinning, 


Sunday, October 1, 2017

Pre Spinzilla 2017

 So, Spinzilla starts tomorrow.  It's a good thing I have a metric butt ton of wool, right?  I'm going to start with the batts, then onto the Corriedale tops (not all pictured) and then there's some (~6 pounds) Polwarth that isn't in these pictures.  And of course, so much more kicking around....... 

Do you think I'll have enough?

             The batts are either Corriedale or Polwarth!
All Corriedale!

Oh! And lets not forget this silk... there's that too...  

If I'm a little bit silent for the next little while, that's why.... I'm going to try to spin as much as humanly possible between regular life stuff and the extra Thanksgiving thing happening over the weekend....

October 2-8! Here I go! 

Oh! And P.S. I'm spinning on Team Recreated Textiles Red White and Woolies!  

Happily Spinning, 

Culture Days 2017 Spinning Presentation

Hey! that's me :)

I was invited to give a talk and demonstration at Goodsoil's Culture Days celebration yesterday. I knew people may want to see me in action, not just read, so here I am!  Hope you enjoy!

Happily Spinning,


Saturday, September 2, 2017

and she sits

Last year in August I started the big lace shawl project.   You would think I was a bit further in that 1/2 a bobbin, considering it's been a year, right?  However, as things go, things come up and take priority.  I did get a substantial amount spun at fibre week in the evenings.

And now, as life goes, other things are being placed as a priority.  So, she sits.  But truly, the things that are a priority are wonderful awesome fibre things!  At the end of September the whole country celebrates Culture Days.  It's been going on for many years, but this year finally, our little town is joining in on the fun.  There are a lot of wonderful activities planned for that day.  Old timey games, butter churning, traditional dances - both local polkas and aboriginal dances - local music, a lunch of sausage and sauerkraut.  And me! I'm doing a spinning presentation and a community felting project. I'm pretty excited for the whole thing, actually.   It's going to give me a chance to brush up on my public speaking skills, and also a chance to bring my knowledge to a broad scope of people.

The other thing that is taking priority is the WinterGreen festival in Regina! This one is a 3 day sale.  I have a goal to have a certain number of projects done in time for it. I'm really hoping that the next 2.5 months are incredibly productive.  I'm working on a line of 100% Canadian yarns, and applying a few new techniques to my scarves. I hope to pop out at least 100  pairs of fingerless mitts, and a whole bunch of Christmas decorations.  Of course a whole lot more than that too, but I'm getting a good start on it!

And with that gigantic list of things to do, I'm going to sign off so I can dye some wool today!  I have 10 kgs of Polwarth fibre and a whole lot of Corriedale to dye too.   Wish me luck!

Happily Spinning,