Monday, June 27, 2016


I have this thing I do. I get so stinking excited about something and I dive in head long and I forget about all the things I had already committed to.  I often forget to check myself and my responsibilities before agreeing to more responsibilities.  For example, (and this is one I don't regret, it's an amazing organization)  3 years ago I agreed to start up a Girl Guides program here in our town. Of course, at this point I didn't realize my "Thing".  But I stay committed to that, the girls are amazingly fun.  I have chosen to drop some other responsibilities though (Moderating for and have gotten really good at saying "no, that's not something that would make my heart sing. I like your cause/group/association, but not enough to be fully present in it, and give it my everything." i think it's okay to do that, to give yourself permission not to be super woman.

That being said, I'm at most 8 fibres away from completing my in-depth study to become a Master Spinner.  That's it. 8 fibres, spun 4 different ways.  And a lot of reading, and writing.  But I think at this point I can give myself time to write.  It's going to be a busy summer, the kids last day of school is tomorrow, and they start again in September.  But I'm going to have a lot more time come September (They're all in school full time next fall!!) I'm going to get back into this blogging thing.  I'll kind of pick up where I left off, do some flash backs to previous Fibre Weeks and previous levels of the Master Spinner Program.  And fill you all in on where I'm currently at with all that and everything else.

Wish me luck! I'm easily distracted, but I won't be anymore!