Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Midway through April...

...and responsibilities keep piling high.  Some things I  took on willingly.  Others, well, they just kind of happened, and are things I cannot avoid, no matter how much I'd rather just hide. And I do wish that I wanted to hide in my fluff room with my wheel, however I really just want to curl up with a good book or some terrible tv and pretend like I've got nothing at all to do in the next 2.5 months.

I will say, that I've become proficient at procrastination, while still accomplishing things.  It's quite the feat, you know, doing stuff while avoiding things.  I've managed to learn how to spin cotton on the tahkli.  All it took was moving my fibre to the other hand.  Who would have thought that it would even be possible to spin opposite handed?  It works for me though.  Plying cotton on the tahkli, on the other hand, is a nightmare. I'll get it done, sloppy and terrible, and I'll hand it in for that one little assignment.  I'll get marks for trying at least...

 I've not looked at my master list of Master Spinners Homework for about a week and a half.  But I think I've got about 6 skeins to do, and all of them the super technical ones.  Specific tip, and matching the commercial yarn...  They should go rather swimmingly, if a bit slow and time consuming.  I'm wondering if I should just get onto my final project, and when I get tired of spinning fine fine cotton for embroidery, I can spin the technical skeins I have left.

Then of course, there's the writing and measuring that's still got to be done....  And all this is just one of the many (if I counted them, there would be at least 6, some of which have multiple subsets of responsibility) hat's I've got on right now.   If anyone has a time turner, or that blue box thingy with the doctor guy in it, or maybe just a straight up plain 'ol time machine, can I borrow it? I promise not to change anything but getting my homework done more quickly.

One last thing, an obligatory yarn picture. Because what's a blog post with out a picture?  Or heck, here's a series of from fluff to yarn pics.  This was a divergence from responsibility I carded and spun about a month ago. Wool/mohair blend, with silk and sparkle.


Stripes. 80 yards/2oz wool mohair silk sparkle