Monday, October 24, 2011

Flannelberry Fibre!

The wonderful Colleen over at Flannelberry is having a give away!   And not just any giveaway, one that's catered to you!  If you're a spinner(like me), you'd get a goody bag with spinning goodies!  If you weave, you'd get weaving goodies! If you knit or crochet, you guessed it, knitting or crochet goodies!  And let's not forget the dyers!!  Of course they'd get dye stuffs!  And a book, one that has me intrigued, I do say.
All you've got to do is go over to the link above, and enter a comment.  And don't forget to check out her awesome fibre, yarn, weaving and dyeing supplies!  She's got fast shipping, and great prices!  Check her out!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

a WIP post

spinspinspin.  fasterfasterfaster.  MOOOOOOOOOM!!!  Seriously?  Mom just wants to spin.
knitknitknit.  fasterfasterfaster.  MOOOOOOOOOM!!!  Seriously?  Mom just wants to knit.

Despite the interruptions, I do get things done... not much, but still something.  This is what I've been up to lately.

Awesome Possum Helix Scarf

This scarf was started in the spring, shortly after I received this yarn from a wonderful Cratster member, all the way from New Zealand.  It's a merino possum blend and it's so nifty.  The reason this is taking so long is because that's a size 2 needle. Seriously, why didn't I ask that awesome craftster to get me some worsted or sport weight instead?  Oh well, it's gorgeous none the less, and I'll pick away at it until I'm happy with the length.


I wanted something quick and instant gratification,  and this is what happened.  Long draw, prepared top,  not much thought in it, more just spinning for the sake of it.  It was fun!  I don't particularly like the colorway,  but I know my likes aren't the same as others, and someone will love this.

DorsetX in progress

And my current wip, is a dorset cross wool that I got to haul away from the shearer on shearing day!  This wool is destined to become a french knot sheep embroidery piece that I will send to the farm in thanks.  It was so gracious that they let me be there.   It's the least I can do.  And I know it'll be hung in their home, as their dinning area is filled with sheep pictures and sheep knick knacks.

Anyway, back to the spinning!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Phat Fiber

So there's this thing.  It's called Phat Fiber.  Once a month a limited number of boxes stuffed with samples of fibre, yarn and ephemera from small buisness fibre shops go on sale.  You need to be a part of the club to know where and when to go to a secret site that only Phat Fiber fans know about.  (You can sign up to be a part of the club at their site).   This months theme is The Witching Hour, and if you are just hearing about this, it's to late for this month, but really I just came to post to brag about my win!!  I scored one big box of fluff!!  Yippeee!  I was oh so very tempted to get a yarn box too, but hesitated just a bit to long. (seriously, like 1 minute. That's how fast they go)   And it's mean to be a hog.  So I'll leave the second drop for those less fortunate then me, because I'm nice like that.
Next months samples are themed 'Wine Country'.  I picture far to many purples and burgundies and champagnes to pass that one up.  The anticipation for next month is nearly as bad as it was for this month.   But this time I'll have some beautiful fluff to play with in the mean time.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wheel lust

Once upon a time I thought my next wheel would be an Ashford Country Spinner.   But after watching this video of Lexi Boeger (aka Pluckyfluff) interviewed by the Knit Girllls ,  I really want a Majacraft Aura!  8 oz bobbin capacity?!  Corkscrew orifice and a delta so that you can spin both lace and crazy arts on it?!  And that new fancy tension system?  Talk about control.  That's almost to much in one wheel.  Yup, one day  I'll be getting a Majacraft Aura, but not any time soon.  I've somehow got to justify the price tag.  ;D

... Maybe the Country Spinner doesn't look so unaffordable anymore... She might be my next wheel anyway.  Who knows! Maybe both one day!*


*A girl can dream, can't she?

Monday, October 10, 2011


Up here in Canada, it is Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving means Turkey, stuffing, smashed potatoes and gravy and a heaping helping of cranberry sauce.  And don't forget the pumpkin pie!  We had a fabulous meal last night with friends, who after I kept pulling food out of every nook and cranny of the fridge, told me I shouldn't have gone to such an extent.  But it's thanksgiving!  A full meal with far to many options is the only way to do it!

Thanksgiving also (and truly more importantly) means that it is time to reflect on all the things you are thankful for.  Here's my great big list!

I am thankful for my Family.  My Mother, who taught me how to sew, and cook, and bake like a fiend.  My Father, who took us camping as kids and let us eat doughnuts and runts (candies) for breakfast.  My Sister and Brother, whom I both love unconditionally and fully.  Life wouldn't be nearly as fun without them.  I'm especially thankful that my sis kicked cancers ass at the tender age of 5.  She's my best friend, and I'd be lost without her.  My nieces and nephews, who are all a joy to be around.  Of course, my loving Husband, who is my rock.  My beautiful children, whom I live for, my reason to to keep going.
I'm also thankful for my In-laws, who have become family over time.
I'm thankful for Friends, and although they are few, all you really need is one or two really great friends.

I'm thankful for the roof over my head and the great yard behind it.

I'm thankful for the beautiful view from my front window.

I'm thankful for my ability to spin.

I'm thankful for my creativity, and the fact that it keeps me grounded (and busy :) )

I'm thankful for the giant stash (not as giant as some, but giant none the less) that keeps my creativity flowing.

I'm thankful that I stumbled on, because it reignite the flame of creativity that had I had lost.

And mostly I'm thankful for my blessed life.

What are you thankful for?


Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm still here

Seems to me I tend to blog in spurts, don't you think?  I'm still here though, and still spinning. And still washing.   I planned to make a vow to wash wool at least once a day this week.  It's happened twice.  And only enough to make my 10 yard samples for the sections of a sheep homework.  But at least it's progress on the homework front!  Yay progress!

I've also joined the Fibre swap on  The wonderful organizer of that swap has allowed us to pair our selves and the awesome Zombie Queen has invited me to spin with her!  ( I just sat there in the corner with my knees and toes together, head down fiddling with the hem of my dress.  Knowing I really wanted to dance with her, but couldn't work up the courage to ask!  even though I knew she wanted to. )  So I've got yarn spun for her, but I know she reads this, so I wont be able to share any of that spinning until nearly the end of November!

So that's my update.  I'm still here, still spinning, still washing (sigh....) still alive :)