Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm still here

Seems to me I tend to blog in spurts, don't you think?  I'm still here though, and still spinning. And still washing.   I planned to make a vow to wash wool at least once a day this week.  It's happened twice.  And only enough to make my 10 yard samples for the sections of a sheep homework.  But at least it's progress on the homework front!  Yay progress!

I've also joined the Fibre swap on  The wonderful organizer of that swap has allowed us to pair our selves and the awesome Zombie Queen has invited me to spin with her!  ( I just sat there in the corner with my knees and toes together, head down fiddling with the hem of my dress.  Knowing I really wanted to dance with her, but couldn't work up the courage to ask!  even though I knew she wanted to. )  So I've got yarn spun for her, but I know she reads this, so I wont be able to share any of that spinning until nearly the end of November!

So that's my update.  I'm still here, still spinning, still washing (sigh....) still alive :)


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