Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I cheated on my lady...

Truth be told, I'm not monogamous crafter.  My heart does not lie only with my wheel.  Yes, spinning yarn is fulfilling, it moves me and shakes me.  It's absolutely wonderful.  But I only learned to spin 3 years ago.  Before that, I sewed.  I've got experience and training in fashion design.  I don't get to make as much clothing and such as I used to. It's quite difficult to sew with 3 kids trying to help.  Not so hard to spin though.
With that said. I cheated on my Lady.  (My wheel, she has no name, but she is a lady, not a tramp ;) )  My crafting space needed much attention.  I really couldn't get a thing done in there with the state is was in.  So the other night I took to the giant task of cleaning it out!
This is what it was before:
before it all started
Mid clean up/ re-organization
getting there.
And After:
And after all that work, I got to play.  And I stayed up far to late sewing my self this spanky new purse.

Just a bag I made
But now I'm back at the wheel, and I've spun this beauty up for the FOC Raffle swap on Craftster.org

FOCR offering on Craftster.org
FOCR offering on Craftster.org

Pretty and squishy!  I love that yarn...

~ Kara

Oh, I've also been meaning to ask my readers, do you like this font?  I'm not sure if it's easy to read, or sometimes just annoying.  It's pretty, but is i functional?  Let me know! 
Fix the font!  One comment that it was hard to read is enough for me!

And! I nearly forgot this linky... :) Here's hoping I win the great prize :)



  1. Your post is delightful, as is the green wall in your craft room, your spanky new purse and that gorgeous yarn! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. :D Thank you! And thank you for hosting a great link up with a great prize!

  3. You've got a great craft space, and a door to keep out your helpers! That purse is cute, looks worth the lost sleep ;)

  4. Thank you! The door does com in handy at times!

  5. Nice HOT mess! And NICE clean up! Your site is great, but the font is REALLY hard to read. :o)

  6. Thank you for the compliments! And thank you for the feedback on the font.. I was wondering if I could only read it because I knew what it said, or if everyone else could read it! I'll see what I can do to fix it :D

  7. Mmmmm..... the yarn looks soooo soft and squishy!! ^_^ The font is just dandy :)

  8. oops! haha I forgot to edit that to say I fixed it!!
    Thanks on the compliments though! :D


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