Thursday, September 15, 2011

6 lbs to go....

Today I start the daunting task of washing 6 pounds of Blue Face Leicester fleece lock by lock.  I've decided that even though it's a greasy fleece I'm only going to wash it, instead of scouring it.  But maybe, just maybe I'll change my mind and scour it anyway.  I just know that it will take a good long time to dip each of those locks 4 times.   Spinning a slightly greasy fleece isn't all that bad.  Once upon a time I wondered why on earth anyone would even touch a greasy fleece.  Now it's something I enjoy!  It's fun to see the pieces of the sheep, to be able to lay out a dirty fleece and identify the parts, sort them and spin them into just the right yarn.   Okay, so I can't quite spin just the right yarn yet, I'm not there in my learning, but that's the whole point of becoming a Master Spinner.
Anywho, wish me luck because the washing isn't  my favorite part, but it's something that must be done!



  1. Thank you!! I've put a tiny dent in the pile already. Now for lunch, and get the kids to nap. Then I'll get back at it!

  2. I know it is not the fun part of the process but try to enjoy it - I find this is a vital part because I really get to know the fleece especially if I did not raise the animal and this is the time it speaks to me of what it wants to be.

    Good luck and have fun.

  3. It's been surprisingly relaxing.... Even with an extra set of hands "helping" (I would give my 3.5year old tiny bit to wash himself, needless to say, they ended up mostly felted...) Feels good to get it done, and I'm impressed with this fleece! it's gorgeous under all the filth!


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