Saturday, September 10, 2011


Time sure flies when you are having fun, doesn't it?  

I've been taking advantage of summers last hurrah.  No, not the beach.  I've been solar dyeing!  I plan to do one round of 6 jars every day until the temps go back down again.   One can never have enough color.
Jars of color! (yep, we like pickles.... >.> One day I'll peel those labels off.  Promise.)

Solar dyeing day 2
Solar Dyeing day 1

My scarves and hankies:
Some of my favorite outcomes
Beautiful silk scarves drying on the line


complete pile of dyed wool 3 colors in one jar (2 jars shown)

And speaking of dyeing, this past week my sister and her family were up here to visit.  We went into the forest for a hike and I came across quite a few things to harvest for natural dyeing.  Check out these awesome mushrooms!   I think they might be these ones.  If you know for sure, because you are an awesome mushroom identifier, let me know!
Mushroom for dyeing
I also got a big bag of some type of moss/forest floor green stuff I hope will give me an interesting color.
And a friend of mine has these mushrooms popping up in her yard, and is giving them all to me.  They promise some great greys and green greys.

Another most fabulously fibre related development, I bought a double treadle kit for my Traveler!!  And it's here!  She's just as excited as I am (yes, my wheel is a girl.  She hasn't told me just yet what her name is though....)  I've also got 4 more bobbins!  Wewt!  More yarn can be made!  I can switch projects more often!   I had half a thought to paint the treadles with pretty things, but i want those on faster then fast, so a quick coat of varnish it is.  double treadle kit drying

She's ready!

Yep, it's been quite the busy week for me! What with the oldest back in school, "real work", and the visits from family, I'm surprised I got this much accomplished! I hope summer lasts a few more weeks for most you you out there, it's said to end tomorrow up in these parts.


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