Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ravellenic games completed!

I did it!  I made a pair of socks, and spun a whole fleece!  And I did it all in less then two weeks. Booyah.

First, too many pictures of socks.

My first pair of socks, again
The pair.

The left sock
If you look closely enough, you can see an error where I picked up the provisional cast on wrong.  This is the left sock.  Named so, because there is also a ridge of purling where I accidentally knit a row I should have purled over the top of the toe.  The bind off on this one is almost to tight. But it helps to hold it up, so it's okay.

The right sock
The right sock.  That little hole there is one of the two imperfections in this sock.  The other being that the bind off is to loose, and therefore wonky and prone to slippage. 

My first pair of socks!

Top view!  You can see the left sock's toe ridge. 

Second, one whole Jacob yearling fleece worth of super bulky, Navajo plied yarn.

One whole Jacob yearling fleece, Navajo plied
 It's squishy, bulky, and quite a mess.  It wasn't an exercise in perfection, but an exercise in creating.  It's sheepy, and that's the point!


Monday, August 6, 2012

Get by with a little help from our Friends

Okay, my friends.  One of my favorite little farms to buy from, Natchwoolie, is experiencing a really bad drought, and the well has run dry!  They've been bringing in water every couple of days, using it for the animals and them selves. The cost of getting rural water hook up is high, but there's no way for them to save, given that they spend up to 150$ on fuel and water purchase per week.  So she's set up a fundraiser, which you can find here.  I've given a little bit, 10$.  If you could even donate 5$, it would be wonderfully apreciated.  Please at least have a look, and see if you can help out a wonderful farm full of wonderful animals, and wonderful people!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Spun to Done

I joined the 'Geezer' Swap on  And by Geezer, we mean you have to be over 30 to join... Because being 30 automatically makes you a geezer?  Ha!  I find it funny, but cute, and was all to excited to be 30 this year.  Just so I could join a Geezer swap.   This is what I made for my partner.

I started straight from fibre, carding up these two batts. 

Beautiful batt, no.2

Beautiful batt, no.1

And then I spun it up into this yarn.  The two batts were spun single, and then plied together.

Colorful spun

And finally I made them into Fingerless mittens!  She had requested a pair of fingerless mittens, and these aren't exactly like the ones she'd linked too, but I hope she likes them, none the less.

Simple fingerless mittens

It feels nice to finally be able to show these off! There was a lot of effort into them, and I was quite pleased with the end product.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ravellenic games update

If you've been following my tweeting, you'll already know just how awesome I'm doing in my Ravellenic personal challenges.  But because there are a lot of folks out there, not on Twitter, I'll show you my amazing progress here too.

I'm pretty impressed that I've been able to start a sock from the toe up, but it took me 4 HOURS to do one toe... which is insane.

My first sock. More sock!

And I've gotten just a bit more of the foot done too... I kind of wonder if I'm actually going to get both of them done by the 12th.  I'll try, but that's the best I can do.  And if I do get them done, well then all the better!

I've also gotten into spinning my Jacob fleece that I was going to spin for the Tour de Fleece (along with the crazy lace weight, which also didn't happen... stoopid injury which is now healed enough that I can do some things! yay!)  This project is nearly done.  At least the spinning part anyway.  One jumbo bobbin of chain plied, lanolin in, Jacob yearling yarn.  I hope I have enough for a decent sized scarf!

One bobbin full of Jacob yarn

And that's pretty much it, and it's only Wednesday!  I sure wish I was this productive all the time.  Imagine the things I could do, if I just did all the things!  Who needs sleep anyway?