Sunday, August 5, 2012

Spun to Done

I joined the 'Geezer' Swap on  And by Geezer, we mean you have to be over 30 to join... Because being 30 automatically makes you a geezer?  Ha!  I find it funny, but cute, and was all to excited to be 30 this year.  Just so I could join a Geezer swap.   This is what I made for my partner.

I started straight from fibre, carding up these two batts. 

Beautiful batt, no.2

Beautiful batt, no.1

And then I spun it up into this yarn.  The two batts were spun single, and then plied together.

Colorful spun

And finally I made them into Fingerless mittens!  She had requested a pair of fingerless mittens, and these aren't exactly like the ones she'd linked too, but I hope she likes them, none the less.

Simple fingerless mittens

It feels nice to finally be able to show these off! There was a lot of effort into them, and I was quite pleased with the end product.



  1. Lol, you're no geezer! If you are, then I'm headed there and I won't accept that ;) The yarn you made is lovely. If that's sparkly stuff in there, I like it even more!

  2. lol, yeah. I'm not a Geezer, but it's the name of the swap, so I'll have fun with it anyway :D Yes, there are sparkles in there. I really can't resist adding sparkles.


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