Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wheel lust

Once upon a time I thought my next wheel would be an Ashford Country Spinner.   But after watching this video of Lexi Boeger (aka Pluckyfluff) interviewed by the Knit Girllls ,  I really want a Majacraft Aura!  8 oz bobbin capacity?!  Corkscrew orifice and a delta so that you can spin both lace and crazy arts on it?!  And that new fancy tension system?  Talk about control.  That's almost to much in one wheel.  Yup, one day  I'll be getting a Majacraft Aura, but not any time soon.  I've somehow got to justify the price tag.  ;D

... Maybe the Country Spinner doesn't look so unaffordable anymore... She might be my next wheel anyway.  Who knows! Maybe both one day!*


*A girl can dream, can't she?


  1. I want that wheel to after watching that! One day...one day... sigh haha

  2. this is why we need to win the lottery, right Kendra? :D


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