Sunday, December 4, 2011

Yay me!

So a while back Flannelberry Fibres had a giveaway and I won 2nd (or 3rd?) draw!  Wewt!  My fat lootz made it the other day, and I'm totally thrilled to bits!

Tussah silk noils, yak top (YAK! wow!) and 3 jars of Jacquard acid dyes -in jet black, red and blazing orange.   I'm excited to try out the dyes, as I've always been hesitant to spend as much as they are on dye, but maybe they are worth it?  (the Black especially, maybe it even turns the fiber black! ... and not grey, like the other brands I've tried...)  Ooh and there was tea!  There's always tea in her packages! Wewt!
Anywho, here is a picture!

....... you know, I'd really like to know why my camera so often grows feet and walks away......  If you see this, check back as I'll find that thing.  I *just* had it!!..........  
Turns out hubby had it!  Here's the great stuff I recieved!

loots from Flannelberry!

And Tomorrow Farm on Etsy (and Rav) had a Spin in your Jammies day on Black Friday.  She just wanted a pic of you spinning in your jams, I'm always spinning in my Jams, so how could I not participate?  I won that draw to!!  I'll post pics of my great prize from them when I get it!
And here's me spinning in my jams!

AND!  (Yeah I've had a lot of happy moments lately)  I was a craft fair (which I'll post about in a bit, I've finally gotten the pics from my momma.  Hers looked way better then mine!)  A woman saw me spinning and has since convinced her husband to buy her a wheel for Christmas.  Yay for new spinning buddies!

It's been a great November/beginning of December.  So far a great end to a great year!


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