Sunday, December 18, 2011

What's been up..

I've been having fun spinning and crocheting and making a doll (most specifically a poppet)  So here are far to many pictures of wonderful things!!!!!!!!!

These yarns were inspired by a picture posted by Pluckyfluff on her facebook page.  She was plying a core spun with vintage chenille.    I had odd singles and eyelash yarn.  These were my results.

Miscelaneous singles plied and wrapped with eyelash

BFL wrapped in eyelash

And since spinning the pink one, I've made this hat for my Daughter.   It has a whole bunch of odd singles in it.  I love it!

fun and funky hat
A friend of mine saw this roving I painted, and said she needed a scarf made out of it.  Here's the whole process.  I spun it "fractally".   Though I didn't split my roving quite right, as the shorter color runs ran out before I ran out of the longer ones!  Oh well, this yarn is still beautiful, and it makes a wonderful scarf :)

Merino painted top

attempt at a fractal spin!  Merino

seed stitch scarf.  yarn spun fractally

close up of the seed stitch

And I was in the Fiber Swap on and received this wonderful fiber from Zombie Queen.  I spun it up slubby, and it's been turned into Poppet hair and a free form crochet cowlette.

Handpainted top from Zombie Queen

Poppet hair again

cowlette - freeform crochet

I think for now, I'll leave it at that.    I don't want to explode your computers with to much yarn and craft!!!



  1. "Too much yarn..."?! Are you crazy? I love the fractal yarn. I need more rovings and less batts and random fleece bits so I can make things like Kara.

  2. mostly the "exploded computer" part .... Wouldn't it be nice if it did actually eplode and give you yarn in the process? :D


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