Saturday, December 3, 2011

All worked up....

I always love to see what happens to the yarn I spin.

This top (which I kettle dyed myself, and you've seen it before)

Kettel dyed Merino -8oz

Was turned into this yarn (which , eep! you've not seen before, leaving me wonder what else there is you haven't seen yet!)

Merino handspun 2ply, 8oz

It then went to a yarn loving home and was turned into this beautiful Summer Flies Shawl by a good friend of mine!

It's gorgeous!  Well done Jess!


More pics and such over on her blog  ::learning to love the little moments::


  1. That is not how I imagined that wool being spun up. I guess there were more white spots than I thought. I love it! I'm jealous I didn't get to spin it/work it up.

  2. Thanks! I just love how a handpainted roving transforms as you spin it. :)


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