Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Art yarn: A topic of discussion.

What makes a yarn art?
Who decides it is art and no longer craft?

IMHO, Just because it is spun thick and thin does not necessarily make it art.  Art is either created with intent, or is a form of expressing emotion or thought.   But even with that being said, even if I spin something creatively, using non traditional methods (traditional as in woolen vs worsted, different types of plies)  does that constitute art?  Or is it just a yarn spun creatively?
I think the term has also become synonymous with poorly spun, and something that would fall apart if you were try to use it traditionally (weaving, knitting, crochet).
I also feel the term is way over used. A quick etsy search for the term brings up  this yarn that is a traditionally spun yarn, with a few different colors and some sparkle.  And far to many like it.  Does this really constitute art?   I think not.
And also this yarn which is waaaaay closer to art, but can still function as traditional yarn.

I've spun the yarn below, but wouldn't call it art.  Yes it has nubs, but overall it's a traditionally spun yarn.

wool, bulky with nubs

And this, which is more artful, but still not art.  It is a yarn spun creatively.

FOCR offering on Craftster.org

And this, which is art.  It was spun with intent, to evoke the feeling of summer.

Spun Summer - On the Noddy

So where is the line?  Is there a line?  is it a thick bold line, or is it blurred and skewed?

Okay, your turn.  Discuss!


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