Monday, January 2, 2012

"The best laid plans...

...of mice and men often go astray."   Or at least that's how the original quote goes.  But I'm not a man or a mouse, so this wont apply to me when I make this list of things that need to get done, right?

 The List, the big list of what I need to accomplish before March 1.  Why March 1?  March 1 is the day registration opens for Fibre Week 2012.  I'd love to finished the homework I'd planned on being completely completed by now before I sign up for Level 2.

  1. Wash all the wool -  well, most of the wool.  At least the amount of wool required to complete the workbook requirements.  All of it would be nice, but that's like 10 pounds of wool...
  2. Spin my homework-  not the stuff I bought that would be sooooo much fun to play with.  I need a big electrified barbed wire fence to surrounding my "for fun" wool.  Temptation is the Devils best friend, don'tchaknow?
  3. Proof read and type up the written assignments-  that doesn't sound all that hard, right?  But for me that's probably going to be the hardest part.  Good to know though, that a friend who is a teacher offered to proof read them for me.
  4. Mount my dyed yarn samples-  on the nice black 12x12 scrap book paper I bought just for this purpose.  
  5. Pull together all the stuff and create the final version of my Workbook-  This is the big finale. I can do this.  Right?  right.
  6. OOPs! Nearly forgot.. Nature Dye a bunch of yarn-  That I spun.  Likely for my final project.  Speaking of final project... socks?  scarf?  rug?  hrm.....

Sounds do-able right?  To be honest, it kind of makes me nauseated to think of it all.  And that I have set this 2 month time line for myself.....

Who wants to hold me accountable?  Who's going to poke me in 2 weeks, and say "Hey,  are you doing your homework?  Better be."  Because honestly I think I'll need it.  I'll keep you all updated on my progress of course.    

So here I go, to clean the kitchen so I can get at the sinks and wash some wool....  The dreaded Blackface will be first I think....  ... Apparently AFTER I feed the kids, and get the not-so-baby-anymore-baby up out of bed.  


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