Friday, January 27, 2012

Hiccups and Happenings

Well, I would say using the Of Mice and Men quote has cursed me.... Or something along those lines.
There were a few weather days last week where I had the oldest home to, so I needed to entertain 3 instead of 2.
I've gone and signed up for a craft/small business Bazaar, that is in mid February.  Which I've been felting up a few scarves and cowls, and have plans for more felting...
I've gone to a conference that took an entire day.  It was on Children and Behavior.  It was brilliant.
And of course the Flu, that you all heard of already.

But what does this mean of my homework?  It means my homework has not completely stopped, but slowed down.    Which is terribly sad.  Though I'm happy to say that I've gotten 6/10 breeds done. Here's my "Organizational system".  I still hope to have all my homework done by March 1st.  I can do it!  Can't I?

Organizational system
I've also got another side by side shot, again of two very different fibers.  Shetland and Southdown.  It's basically the exact same illustration as the last time, but it continues to amaze me!

Shetland vs Southdown

And finally, my wonderful, amazing, fabulous sister bought me 2 books for Christmas.  Unfortunately, they were both books that were to be released this January!   They both finally came!  I also borrowed the Fleece and Fiber Source book from the library. So, here is my reading for the next little while.  

Reading Material

So, that's what I've been up to.  Off to spin up some more glorious Shetland!


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  1. You can do it!! Spin, baby spin!

    The orange yarn on the cover of 'spin art' looks AMAZING!


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