Friday, January 31, 2014

Journey To the Golden fleece, module 1

Module 1 Journey to the Golden Fleece Yarn
The story.
Once upon a time, lived a beautiful woman, who was quite content, happy even, with her situation in life. She was happily married, and had two wonderful and cute sons. The discussion of more children came up now and again, and they’d settled it, that they would at least wait, but were very uncertain that more would happen anyway. So this woman went and made an appointment to be sure that she did not conceive again until she was ready, if she would ever be ready. But the in the days before the appointment she found out they had in fact conceived despite their best efforts to not to. now, the reaction was quite the opposite most would expect. Shock, disappointment, frustration, anger, regret, resentment. Many tears were shed. She, they, were not ready for this. Everything had finally settled into routine! Her adjustment period to a new child was always much longer then what it seems most peoples was. She was not ready for the upheaval an infant brings, and she knew just what it would be like. So, despite always wanting a girl but not getting one, she did not find out what this little bundle was. She couldn’t bare the thought of it being a boy, though that would be okay, she’s got more then enough of the things boys need. She didn’t want to know who was in there, to have them tell her one thing, and it turn out the other. She left her answer to that questions “kittens”. So 8.75 months of being kept in the dark, turning over thoughts of the struggles alone, never thinking of the joys. Lying on the operating table, as baby was born via c-section due to the other two deliveries not going well, She was told “oh, what a beautiful face he has!” “A boy?” she said, just a bit disappointed, but not surprised, she rarely get’s what she wants. “Oh!!” say’s the anethesiologist ” I haven’t seen yet! our talk of boys had me focused on boys….. It’s a girl!!” “A girl? really?” At this point, the emotions should have went through the roof, elation, joy, excitement. However, while she thought those, intellectually, she did not feel them through. She was just happy the pregnancy was over, but still no where near ready for the challenges an infant brings. And there they were, forever entangled.
So, how all this related to the yarn.
The yarn starts off with a blue navajo plied section, that is candy cane plied with a purple crochet cotton. The blue represents the 3 boys in my life, the purple myself. These yarns are carried through the entire skien. Then, you can’t see it, but there’s a pink thread added as a core, and it’s covered in black/silver mohair. This mohair was a real PTA to spin like that, because when I washed it, I washed it with wool, and some of the lanolin must have stuck to the mohair. And didn’t come out. Mean while the purple and blue wrapped around, hid under and kind of did as it pleased. Then once I got short on the pink thread, I grabbed a chunk of hot pink merino and made a big slub. Towards the end, just the 3 threads are plied together, but you can’t see that in this picture.
And finally, how this all relates to my creative journey.
Have you ever just wanted to escape? Run away from the things that cause you stress? I do. All the time. So, this moment in my life pushed me to take the Olds Master Spinner course, sooner then I’d meant to. So much yarn, and soo much alone time in one big chunk. An escape. That course and all it’s requirements to end with a certificate are what lead me here. I needed an escape from the precise, accurate spinning, and this gives me a damn good excuse!! And often in the in-between time, when i just need some quiet, I head to my fluff room, and spin or card or whatever.
Final note: Know that this story does have a happy ending. The woman, while still struggling to balance it all, 4 years in, still not finding any balance what so ever, still mal adjusted to the life she has, she is content, even happy with the chaos. Embrace it, because within the chaos there is light.


P.S. I kind of just copied and pasted my own words from the Golden Fleece Forums.  Because it was easier, and it was commented on that when I write in third person, it's a pretty good story.  So I'll stick with that. :)

P.P.S.  I nearly forgot!!  The second enrolment is open to the Journey to the Golden Fleece!!  Go to for more details!!

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