Friday, January 10, 2014

Carding up a storm!

ThaI've been creating batts like a mad woman lately, so I decided to time just how long it takes to make one batt. 27 minutes, 13 seconds later, I had one batt.  Mind you these batts are more complex then some of the other ones, as they get a preliminary blend and a second pass to  add the pops of color. But the time is worth it for the effect I get! 
A follower on Facebook mentioned they look like Sulley from Monsters inc. I dare say they do!
I've got 2 more of those ones to blend, and one more, simpler color way to do up.  But this pile if fibre makes me happy 
That's over 20 oz of Fibery fun!!! Wewt! 

But all this fun will come to an end in February, when it's buckle down and do your homework time. I'm going to try to be done for the end of March, so I can be back to this fun stuff sooner rather then later!



  1. And why aren't they up in your shop?!

    1. I promise they will be!!! I'm doing a bulk upload before then end of January. I need a day where the sun is shining tho, to take pics :)

  2. I've been dyeing and knitting so much I forget my carder and spinning wheel. And I see them every day in my studio. After seeing your beautiful batts, I'm inspired. So off I go.

    1. Hope you went to your carder and wheel! You're welcome!


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