Friday, August 16, 2013

Found it Friday

Today's Found it Friday doesn't have much to do with fibre, but it absolutely has to do with spinning.  Your body is the tool that you use when you spin.  You use your hands, your arms, your shoulders, your everything. Body ergonomics is so very important, straight back, shoulders down, knees at 90º, reach back no further then your hips or only as far as is comfortable,  make sure you don't twist.  I could go on.  But the one thing we don't think of is spinning as an exercise, but it is.  You are using your muscles, especially those in your hands, wrists and arms (not to mention your legs and back and shoulders and and and ;) )
At Fibre Week 2013 I took Yoga for Spinners in the mornings, and Mediation in the afternoon.  It brought to my attention what I was neglecting, my stiff, tight and sore muscles.  I found that my days were much more pleasant when I really worked out the tightness in my muscles that I built up from the day before.  Spinning was more pleasant, comfortable and almost easier.
As I was talking with one of my classmates (who is a beautiful person, whom I only met this year, and who just exudes calm.  She practices yoga everyday) who also took the morning yoga, she brought up the website  So on occasion I've been flipping through the videos, and clicking the amount of time I have, and then I stumbled on a set of videos that is aimed at people who are at a computer everyday.  These stretches have to be great for spinners too.  They open your chest, relax your shoulders and increase the flexibility in your fingers and wrists.
Since I'm not entirely sure I can insert the video into this post legally, I'm going to give you a set of links to check out.  They all go to
Chest Opening Wave Breath 
Wrist Roll and Shake
Finger Roll and Forearm Stretch
Seated Forward Bend

You can find more videos that you might find helpful on this page.  It's where I found the above videos.

Spin on, and don't forget to stretch!


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