Tuesday, August 20, 2013

And the Best Husband of the Year award goes to...

My husband! Looks what he did for me! He hung the old crib rails on the ceiling so I can hang my yarn!. I can fit a heck of a lot of yarn on those things. 
The kids are big now, and the crib itself was recalled right before the last kid was out of it. I guess we were the lucky ones that didn't suffer from the defect. That crib served us for 7 years, and in a new way, will serve us for many more.

The other thing that makes my Husband worthy if this prestigious award: helping me (read as: did all the heavy lifting and took orders like a champ) move the kids bedrooms around the house so I can have the best room in the house for crafting. So much light in here, theres a really big closet with shelves, it's central to everything, I have a big window into the backyard, and all my tables will fit inside. It's not all together, but it will be soon enough.  Right now the most important table is set up and in use.

Enough rambling. Time to card wool in my new space!


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