Thursday, February 21, 2013


So I'm not sure why this came over me. But it did. I was wishing the silk in my llama silk blend was closer to the colour of the llama. So I looked at my coffee pot and thought "I bet coffee would be just the right color". So I poured myself one last cup of liquid life, gluged a bit of vinegar in the pot and tossed the already wet from setting the twist skein in the pot. Lucky me, the coffee maker has heat setting so I cranked it down and let the skien sit in there for 30 minutes. I love the results! The llama was a fawn brown to begin with and the tussah was bleached, but not to stark white, more of a creamy white. I kind of really want to make a lot more of this... It's 50 50, spun from carded rolags. Lovely drape, lovely shine. And it still smells a bit of coffee. Yum yum


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