Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nose, meet grindstone.

Okay, with less then 1 month before school I've got to pull all my workbook stuff together and send it off!  It's (almost) all there, just sitting in a basket.  I'm going to haul it all over to the shop and pull it all together.  And hopefully make it look pretty too.
I will leave you with this pretty picture of nature dyed BFL.  This is the final final project yarn.  (I'll post about my headache with that later)
Final final project yarn. Dyed with logwood, alum mordant
Yup, that color came from nature!  Isn't it pretty?  I used an Alum mordant and a log wood bath.   I played with a few other natural dyes too, but again, save those for a nother post (I don't have pictures of it all yet)

So, off I go to gather all my workbook stuff and get ready to go somewhere quiet with a lot of space to organise it all!



  1. Almost done!! Keep it up!

    That color is incredible! It reminds me of eggplants and lilacs and marionberries :).

    1. thanks! It's a little more Lilac in real life, the yellow of the table sets it off a bit. And had I not put an extra bag of wool in the water 1/2 way through, I could have gotten darker! Next time!


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