Friday, May 4, 2012

Almost There

Firstly, has it really been 10 days since I last posted?  Sorry about that!  Here's a pretty yarn picture I offer in apology.

bamboo art

Now on with it!
 Yesterday I set out to ply my beautiful BFL singles in the sun.   Now, that looks like very close to the same amount of yarn on each bobbin, right?  The one maybe has a little less, but not much right?

BFL singles, ready for plying

WRONG!  After  a while (when the sun began to hide and supper needed to be cooked, I moved inside) I looked down and noticed this:
I hate when this happens
Really?!  There was that much more single left on the bobbin???

This is how it ended.  With one bobbin nearly 1/2 full, the other completely empty.
One bobbin half full, the other empty. WTHeck?

I hate when that happens.  But I ended up with 640yards!  Now, how much is left on that bobbin?  Probably another 200.  That's a lot of yarn!  Look at how pretty it turned out!  A little thicker then I had intended, but hopefully that doesn't make a crazy difference in the Belinda shawls second layer...

BFL 2 ply

Speaking of the Belinda shawl, I finished off the first layer!  It still needs to be blocked, but I'll wait for the second layer to be finished.  Look how much more yarn I have left!  Matching hat?  Mittens?  Fingerless gloves? Leg warmers?  Who knows.... Something though!

Belinda Shawl, layer a

Now just to figure out this nature dyeing again! That beautiful white wont be white for long!



  1. So beautiful!! I can't wait to see what color you dye it. That sounds like it will be fun.

    The shawl is looking fabulous!!

    1. Thank you! Turns out it's going to be a while before I get to dye, as my scale doesn't have decimals, and the measurements I need are so tiny :/


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