Thursday, May 10, 2012


I hate words. Plain and simple. Even writing this blog is difficult at times.  I thought if I started writing, it would get easier.  But it doesn't.  Or, at least it hasn't yet.  See, I've read over that bit before this 3 times trying to get the words in my head out... This is becoming a problem as I try to complete my workbook.  All the skeins are done.  The final project yarn is done. Edit: okay I lied.. I still have to dye it, and there doesn't seem to be any time in the next 2 weeks...  The essays, the paragraphs, the write ups...  not done.  Because no matter how hard I try, what I write doesn't sound right.  It's choppy.  I'd do better in point form, but it asks for paragraphs, and pages.  And proper form when indicating where I got my information from. good gracious.  I've never taken anything above grade 12 english.  edit: that was 11 years ago.... This essay stuff sucks.
I'm gonna throw myself a little pity party here for a bit, and then hope that tomorrows a better day for the putting the words together in the thingies they call sentences.....



  1. You'd think a creative schooling would allow for a more person style of putting information together. You know, if you need to, there are people who can help with your words. Not just physical people near you either. If you need to post it as an online document and email it to someone to have her look over it and make suggestions, I bet you could find someone. ;)

    1. Well, technically it's not a creative schooling, more of a techinical indepth knowledge, both practical and applied... But I'm getting through it, I've come to the conclusion that as long as the relavent information is there, if it's choppy and poorly written from a technical stand point, then so be it. Hopefully I'll get a decent mark....


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