Monday, April 16, 2012

today's contemplations

So I'm sitting here, with a sick kiddo sent home from school.  Seems he's caught the sinus infection I picked up sometime over Easter.  Of course the others are home too, but none the less, having that extra sick kid puts a different feel to the day.   It kind of slows things down.  And oddly enough with things feeling slowed, it gives me a chance to think.  Mostly I'm thinking about my final project.
I picked up the shawl again last night and knit for a couple hours, only putting about 10 more holes in the darn thing.   That pretty much set my decision to change directions, yet again.   So now I'm going to spin up the BFL in basically the same weight as the grey long wool, and knit up some of these Legwarmies.  The fibre's almost all prepped (just a bit more flick carding), now just to get my wheel set up and ready to go!  Shouldn't be long now.

So while I sit and think about my final project, I'm going to share with you a scarf I knit.
Awesome possum helix scarf
This is the Helix scarf from the pattern published in Spin Off, spring 2011.  I knit it with a merino possum blend yarn from New Zealand.  It was a fairly mindless knit, but took forever!  I suppose that is what happens when your needles are a size 2....   I'm going to send it to my Grandma.  Hopefully she doesn't read my blog regularly.  That would ruin the surprise of a scarf in the mail!

I'm also going to share these two gorgeous and unique drop spindles that were made for me by Blacksmith over on  He came along onto the fibre boards and wowed us all with his wood turning skills, and I just had to have one, so I sent him a message and we set up a trade.  Well he sent me two!   I sent him a skein of yarn and some fibre on return.  The solid one is just so interesting to look at, and spins a nice heavy yarn.  The open one spins forever! It also give a heavier yarn, but not quite as heavy as the solid.  I love them and can't wait to sit and spin on the deck with them this spring once it finally warms up.
Gorgeous drop spindles

Okay, off to finish that prep... or just veg and cuddle with my sickie.



  1. Do you know if the artisan who made the spindles has an online shop of any sort??

    1. I don't know if he has a shop online, though I could get his information for you, likely. I believes he's mentioned he does sell them at a yarn shop

    2. If you would like one you are welcome to contact me. I don't have an online store as making drop spindles is a hobby for me more than anything else. Give me a buzz and let me know what you would like and we can discuss.

  2. Wow. Those spindles are gorgeous!

  3. I love those spindles! I haven't spun with a spindle in ages, but I am pretty sure I would never stop if I had one of those beauties.

    1. And to think I haven't yet spun more then a sample on them! I will though. I will :D


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