Wednesday, April 4, 2012

okay, some fiber.

Because that's why you are here.

I felted these scarves up a while back, took pictures not as long ago, but only now am i posting them.  Life is getting KaRayZeeee around here.

Confetti: Merciboo top (merino, bamboo, and silk) and bit's of wool

Hand felted Confetti scarf

Beads:  Merciboo top, hand dyed after felting and beaded.

Hand felted and beaded scarf

Cowl:  All sorts of fibers, and handmade polymer clay buttons.

Hand felted Cowl with hand made poly clay buttons

And here are a few yarns I've spun up, just for fun! Yup, I spun for fun.  Clearing the mind, don'tchaknow ;)

Purposeful thick and thin

Handspun thick and thin merino silk alpaca blend

Merino silk blend, spun worsted and fairly fine.  It was supposed to be 3 ply for socks, but oh boy, those would have been some thick socks!  So it's just a nice 2 ply.  I'll try again to spin my own socks, after I take the Getting even class at Fibre Week.

Handspun merino silk blend

As to my homework, I've finished up 1/2 of the yarn for my final project.  I've chosen this pattern, the Belinda shawl, as I can start knitting over Easter, finish spinning the second yarn when I get home, and knit on!  I still have to type up everything, and put it all together.  I've decided to be a little slack with myself, no point in stressing over it.  It doesn't necessarily need to be in until June 22ish.

Anyway,  Happy Easter, to those who celebrate it, and Happy long weekend to those who don't!


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