Saturday, March 17, 2012

Well, so much for that.

This is was my final project yarn:

The yarn formerly known as Final Project, yarn A

It's coarse, it's uneven, it's not what this lovely BFL fleece wanted to be.  So I'm starting over. I'll make hubby a pair of uber durable socks out of it... if you can make socks out of 250 yards of 9wpi yarn.

So this extends my personal deadline, again, by probably 2-3 weeks.  Oh well, I'd way rather send away something I'm proud of, then something that I really don't like.



  1. I am sure your next attempt will be exactly what you want - it is very important to listen to what the fiber wants to be - sometimes we can adjust other times we better listen to the whispers... Have fun and lean into the process.

    1. I'm changing directions entirely! I know I'm no good at thick yarn. (yes, this was thick for me) And I think that's where I mostly failed. So I'm testing out a few stitch repeats with some fingering weight and might just make a loosely knit scarf or cowl.


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