Sunday, July 10, 2016

Tour de Fleece! 2016!

Every June we spinners spin along with the cyclists spinning their wheels through France, racing in the Tour de France.  Many spinners watch the races while they spin, but I'm not one of those people.  I generally watch something on Netflix or Shomi, or listen to an audiobook while I spin.  I've managed to spin up 2 yarns in the past 8 days.  One, a 3 ply, the other a 2 ply, both around the 8-10oz weight wise.  I've yet to measure or officially weigh them, but there's lots there!

This is a 3 ply merino, three colours plied together.

This is a Coopworth Corriedale blend, with some pulled sari silk mixed in for texture.

I've got another yarn currently being plied, and I'm hoping to have a 4th yarn finished by mid week!  In a way, I wish there was Tour de Fleece every month... It sure ups my productivity!

Happily Spinning,



  1. Lovely work. Of course I'm bias though.

  2. Lovely work. Of course I'm bias though.

  3. Or at least 2x a year, right? I think twice a year would be fine. I don't participate but I did start spinning some local Navajo wool at market this weekend. Spinning in public ups my productivity. I'm totally digging the first one. It's lovely! Those colors together are surprisingly really rad.

    1. That's kinda why I like Spinzilla as well. A whole bunch of people, doing the spin every day thing... it kind of makes a nice little community to join into.
      Spinning in public is so much fun! I love all the questions, and the curious children!


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