Friday, August 1, 2014

What a spinner does while camping

After I got home from a visit with the family, my husband said "Let's go camping!"  and my first thought was, of course, "But my spinning... I need to get my spin on... No time for camping..." But we went anyway.  And of course I packed my Russian spindle, and spindle dish, and some fibre.  Cashmere, of course. Just because you're roughing it doesn't mean you can't take along some luxury.

What does a spinner do while camping?

We took the boat along, and went for swims in the middle of the lake, and did some fishing, and spent a little time just exploring our campsite.  We found something really interesting.  At first I thought the dragonflies were makin' babies, but it was a little different then normal, because they were on the ground. On closer inspection, and with the curiosity of my 6 year old, he flipped them over and the one was eating the other!!! Dragonflies are cannibals, say whaaaaat???  A rather weak internet search resulted in finding out that this does rarely happen and possibly only when two male dragonflies don't like each other.  It's  not a mating ritual.  It's a take out the competition move. Crazyness!!

What does a spinner do while camping?

With all that fascinating and entertaining stuff going on, did I get time to spin? Of course I did!! There, on the ground, in front of the camper, while The Zoo and Miss J were digging in the sand behind me, and The Duck rode his bike, and the Hubs made a fire for cooking supper.

What a spinner does while camping

Yup, that's me, in my camping glory, on a hot 30 above day, (Celsius, of course) spinning cashmere.

Good times were had.


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