Saturday, August 9, 2014

Decisions, decisions

 Isn't that always the life of a knitter? This yarn or that yarn? This colour or that colour? What about fibre? which needle size is best for the project, do I want a tighter knit or a looser one? Which pattern should I choose?
 These questions are compounded by the way Leethal does her Adventure Knits. Not only do you not know what exactly it is you're making, but you also can't really be sure you're choosing *just* the right yarn for the mystery project.  Does this in anyway stop me from really really really wanting needing to knit these patterns?  If anything it makes me more excited. Truly, there have been 4 PDF's already in this summers KaL. We have shapes, you see, that we can choose from.  Some of them were obvious, and others were not so obvious at all.  The last one outlined what the choices could turn into, and the multitude of end possibilities is rather staggering.  How do I choose the right one?!  What about the crazy construction and patterns that will undoubtedly show up in these finished shapes?  It's rather exciting and daunting all at once.  But, to narrow it all down, I've gone and pulled 2 yarns from my stash.

Yarn stuffs August 9 2014

First (top) is from my trip to Vancouver Island last May.  It's 100% wool, aran weight. But I've only got 2 balls. And the second (bottom) is some Knitpicks Brava in Bulky.  So it's acrylic, and very yellow, but bulky.  I'm very tempted to start with the yellow, and see what comes of the pattern I choose.

No doubt, I'll love the process of this type of KaL as much as I'll love the finished project.  Leethals patterns are really unique, and so very fun to knit.

Don't forget to sign up before the 14th!  The price does go up then!


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