Friday, March 28, 2014

Knit notes - Handspun Sweater.

So, last summer I spun up a sweaters worth of yarn.


In February, I cast on for Rosa's Sleeveless Cardi.  I did some math to make it more of an xs/s, since I'm just a pettit little thing.


I continue on knitting, trying it on, as I go.

I get to a point in the increases, where it seems my yarn choice and pattern choice do not mix, and begin to frog, noticing that I have a little problem, even further up then I'd intended on frogging... Which definitly sucks, to have to frog back further. Thankfully, it's on size 11's.

Not so sleeveless top- error.

Close to finishing, I decided to add sleeves.  Just short ones.

Handspun hand knit sweater.

All that's left is weaving in the ends!  How long do you suppose that'll take me?


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