Monday, March 17, 2014


Oh cotton.  I wear you every day. You are one of the most comfortable fibres to wear.   Even my sheets are made of you, and I love how comfy they are. But why, oh why, do you have to be so dang tricky to spin!?  you could be nice and easy, like wool. But you are tricky.  Snapping, and drifting at a moments notice. Being bumpy and lumpy and not wanting to draft like buttah, even when you are Pima.  Breaking when I ply the singles.  Breaking when you are plied, and should be stable.  You're a mean fibre, and maybe I'll leave you after this. Or maybe I won't.  Maybe I'll conquer you. Maybe I will stick to with you, beyond the course requirements.  Maybe, one day I'll enjoy making yarn from you, cotton.  Until then, I'll suffer through the requirements, and not be bowled over by you.

One frustrated master spinner student.


P.S. Dear readers,  I'm nearly done my homework! just another 8 skeins, 2 swatches, and the final project to go.  I think I'm going with silk! should be fun!

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