Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Oh hey. It's January 1.

Well. Time sure flies when you're having fun?  Or something along those lines.  I've tried to get myself to fall into a schedule, because flying by the seat of my pants is obviously not leaving me as productive as it once had been.  This hasn't worked out so far.   So, yeah, boo to resolutions and all that jazz, but I might actually make a few and try extremely hard to stick to them.  Maybe I'll get sticky notes and stick them up every where to remind myself of what I've promised myself.   Sit down and write a proper schedule of daily activities, and add in things that need to be done as they need them and start to prioritise.
My firm but flexible list of things that need to be done:
1) Finish up my homework.  This one needs to be done by the 20th of February, because I plan on taking an online course through Olds college at this point.  (The same college that I do my Master Spinners course)
2) Make time to spin for stock. The more things I have, the more likely I'll be able to fill a shop to the point I think is a reasonable level (I can't stand visiting an online hand made shop and there are 5 things...)
3) Take time to blog at least twice a week.
4) Sort and finish organizing my craft studio.
5) Take more classes through Olds College online.  There are 3 or 4 classes I could truly benefit from.

Of course, there are more personal goals, but I've been trying to keep the whole personal life stuff off the blog.  I'm not sure if that's a fabulous thing, or a bad thing...  But suffice to say, I'm human and I have human struggles!  Go figure ;)

What I do wish for everyone is that you all have a wonderful 2013, full of love, laughter, and enough.


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