Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Plank Weaving Fun!

I love woven fabrics, but that little free loom I scored would never be able to handle the yarn I've been weaving lately.  At least as long as it's the warp yarn.  I've just pulled this beauty off the plank loom today and I love it soooo much.  The yarn is one I'd done a while ago, which is 100% bamboo.  So this thing is so super duper soft.  And it flows and drapes so nicely. 
Bamboo statement scarf

Bamboo statement scarf

Bamboo statement scarf

And one  more, because I love the on the loom picture.  You can really see the whole scarf here.

Bamboo statement scarf, on the 'loom'

It was a quick weave, and fun to boot...  Now, do I keep it for me, or sell it at the Christmas Bazaar on Saturday?



  1. I love your scarf, especially the little clouds.
    I hope you have a successful Time at the Bazaar.

    1. Thank you so much! I did have a great day!


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