Tuesday, June 12, 2012

oooh! Score!

So, lately, I've been keeping my eye out at thrift stores and garage sales for crochet cottons and other odd yarns.  And I'd not been having any luck.  Then my wonderful neighbour tells me she just dropped off her entire stash at the local Re-Gift It Shop.  Well, I headed there immediately! Lookie what I got for 15$!
Cores, wraps and plies, haul#2
There's a second layer under there.  Those are some big boxes!  Some are brand new, and most are nearly full.  There's some strange "yarn" which I think is just really long lengths of polyester or some other man made fibre.

And then, I get a knock on the door, a few days later, and its my BFF, who tells me to get my butt dressed and head two blocks down.  There's a garage sale, and a lot of crochet cotton and yarn! So, I left the kids in their PJ's, and put some jeans on me, and ran on over.  Check out this haul!
Cores wraps and plies
An extremely large jar (that is unfortunately plastic) full of odds, ends, and other things. The two large jars are glass and I'll be using them for dyeing. There are 8 of the burgundy, which are brand spankin' new.  And there seems to be one white one missing too... But that must be the one that I've already inserted twist into for cores.  This was also 15$  worth.  I'll be hunting and gathering more of this stuff, as I've got over 10 fleeces coming my way, and likely will be buying more when I'm at Fibre Week, if the auction is in my favour!

Speaking of Fibre Week, it's just over a week away!  10 days!! EEK!  But I'll have the entire work book together by the end of tomorrow, and will hand it in while I'm there... That took a lot more effort then I'd thought it would.  And for level 2, I'm going to not use my basket as an organizational system... made far to much more work then entirely necessary.


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  1. Wow! SCORE!! Those are some awesome hauls. The yarn gods smiled upon you :).


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