Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm so Spoiled

About a month ago, we celebrated our 6 year Wedding Anniversary.  We've been together for nearly 11 years, but married for 6 of them (sure took him long enough ;) )  And every single day of this marriage/relationship I'm reminded how wonderful he is.  He brings me coffee in the morning, sometimes before I get out of bed.  He helps do the dishes, does the yard work, and plays with the kiddos.  He treats me like a princess.  And doesn't mind that I take a week a year to go to school, and leave him with the kiddos.  And on special occasions, he buys me pretty things.  This year he bought me an Majacraft Aura!!!!! It was my dream wheel, and he bought it for me!!! Wooohoooo!
So here it is, in all it's majesty, fabulousness, awesome spinning power...
My new Aura!

And of course, I've waited so long to tell you all about it, because I wanted to spin on it before I shared.  So here are some of the yarns I made on the Aura.
This is the first one, I just grabbed some roving, and had at it, adjusting, tweaking and figuring out just what everything does! It's pretty thick, and at the end i wanted to see if it could handle undrafted top, and it can!! It's Navajo plied, and it can even handle three layers of lightly spun undrafted top.  Wowza!
First spin on my new Aura!

Here's the second thing I spun, after deciding that I already have a traditional spinning wheel, that makes a very nice traditional yarn, so why keep trying to get a "perfect" yarn on a wheel that is made to do more then that?  It was tail spun, then coiled.  I'm so glad I decided to coil it.  In person, the BFL is so lustrous, and when the light hits it just right, it glows like it's strung with pearls.
Tailspun and coiled BFL
Detail of Tail spun and coiled BFL
And the last one so far is this one, thick singles wrapped with bamboo thread.  This one is kind of odd, I was having issues trying to get it to feed right and not spin to much at the same time...  The tension system is still pretty odd to me. I'll get it though!
Random chunky yarn

I can't wait to get back from Fibre Week, so I can get to playing on the Aura.  3 more sleeps!!!



  1. Congrats on the new wheel! Lovely art yarns!

  2. Wow!! Congratulations. What a beautiful gift. You sure are putting it to good use!


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