Monday, November 14, 2011


***  I wrote this piece mid way through November, then got caught up in life and neglected to post it!  Eek!  I think that the articles on that site are still very relevant, and Wool should be a more prominent fiber in today's world of textile.  So I'm saying, lets keep supporting wool and it's producers.  Wear it all year round! Not just for a month! ***

Have you heard of this yet?  Wovember is a movement to wear as much wool as possible in the month of November, to bring awareness of the deplorable misuse of the terms wool, woollen, woolly, in commercial garments that contain no actual wool.  And wool being the fibre that comes from sheep, and sheep alone.  It is also to promote the use of wool as a textile, and showcase the beautiful animal that gives us such a wondrous product. Speaking of that animal, no other animal produces the same fibre with the same properties as wool.
Unsure of the properties of wool?  Let me sum up the wonderful qualities this fiber.

Wool is wicking.  Wicking is the ability to absorb and hold hold moisture, while still feeling dry and keeping you warm.  Wool can carry up to 30% moisture and still feel dry.

Wool is elastic.  It can stretch and hold shape.

Wool is insulating.  So not only will wool keep you warm when you want to be, you can make a beer can cozy out of wool, and it will keep you beer just as cold as one of the petrochemical cozy's out there.

Wool self extinguishing.  You can't burn it.  So while wearing it, it wont melt to you if you are at a camp fire, as you would had you been wearing  a garment described as woolen but made of acrylic or polyester.

Wool is fabulous.  You can't get ALL of these features in any other fiber.  Sure, you can get some of them in other fibers, but not ALL in one, as in wool.

And lastly Wool is sustainable!  We do not have to dig deep into the earth to get it, then push it through countless processes to turn it into fiber!

So up with Wool!  Up with sustainability!  Up with cozy socks on a cold winters day!


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