Wednesday, November 2, 2011

And she keeps spinnin'spinnin'..

I promise I'm alive, still kickin', still spinnin'.   I've been busy with Mod stuff, like starting a felting challenge and getting learn to spin lessons up.   I've also been 'working working' at my hubby's shop, and there goes a whole day, I tell you.  Doing paper work is BORING.  But necessary.

I've also jumped off the deep end and have overfilled my craft plate with an upcoimng craft show... 17 days and counting left until the 20th.  I'm no where near prepared.  I hope my order of wool (that I also last minute ordered, because procrastination is the name of my game)  comes in quicker then quick, so I can get to dyeing and a bit more spinning.  I see fluffy singles, whimsical thick and thins, and a few solid color "standard" yarns.  I also plan to some small braids of roving for thrummed mittens, and learn to spin kits.  So that is what will be filling my plate for the next little while.

But here's a little teaser pic of what I'm working on currently.  I haven't weighed it out yet, but I think I have nearly 8 oz of this to spin.  It will be plied with a single of the brown.  So 4 oz like this and another quicky 4 oz just straight up spun.  Then ply them together and you've got yourself a manly yarn.

Yup so that's the story.  What I've been up to.   Oh!  And I won the runner up prize from Flannelberry!  Wewt! go me!  I'll share it when I get it!


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