Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Bring it on, 2017.

Another years gone by. Another year I've neglected the blog, tried again, and got caught up, and forgotten. Another year of attempts and fails and successes.  I figure if I just leave it here, it'll be right where I left it, and I can find it again easily enough... I hope for 2017 I find that flow I had in the beginning.  Where I was excited to share and didn't find it terribly repetitive.... Perhaps it's felt repetitive because at 6 years into the Master Spinner program everything feels very .... already done.... sample this, spin that, this one'a a 2 ply, that ones a cable,  knit a swatch, weave a swatch, final project. 10 yards, 10 yards, 10 yards...  Over and over again. Monotony is tiring.  And boring. And maybe it's not boring to you, dear readers, and if it's not, I'd love to know! I'd hate to get your hopes up seeing a new post only for it to be the same old same old "Here's yet another sample...."
But do you know what 2017 means to me? It means the end of the monotony! I'm nearly done the spinning and knitting for my In-depth Study that will grant me a beautiful certificate saying that I officially know far to much about yarn and fibre!  I haven't recently 'taken inventory' but at a guess, I've got 4.5/25 yarns left to spin (4+ ounces each, so I have enough for swatches) and  50/125 swatches to knit and crochet. Then all the testing and writing.  So, yeah.... There's some work to do. But come June and I walk across that stage, I'll be singing from the roof tops.  That stage will be over. And on to the next one!

So, time to buckle down, get the work done, and on to the fun stuff!  But not before a small nod to the year that was...

You know, a lot of folks had a pretty awful 2016.  Lots of divorces, lost and passed family members and serious illnesses.  Yes, the passing of so many celebrities and big world changers has been a sad note here and there.  However, as I see it, it's the inevitable.  Our Heros, Icons and Idols, are all aging. They are all hitting that precarious age where nothing is guaranteed.  I suppose I'm just a bit to logical, but don't take that to mean I don't have a heart. I feel for those families and those who have found solace in their existence and works.  And of course there are the wars.....  I'm sure I could go on.  Loss of human life, no matter the human (because we all impact other some way or another), is tragic. My love and light to those who feel impacted by such tragedies.
I have to say I've been fortunate in those regards, and I count my blessings every day.  Comparatively I've had a pretty good 2016. My family has been healthy and happy. My work has been published again.  Not once, but twice, in PLY magazine. I've made some new contacts that I hope will bring me (and them!) more successes in 2017.  Despite my news feed on Facebook, reassuring me it's been a bad year globally, I really can't complain personally.  So now it's time to get back to the yarn, and back to the new year.

Happiest New Year, I hope it's as amazing as we all hope it will be!


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