Friday, November 28, 2014

Hey! Remember me?

It has been far to many days(weeks, months) since I last blogged. (is that even a real word? 'blogged'?) Life has felt swamped and over full and frustrating and anxiety inducing, and just plain overwhelming. Running the kids around to classes, running a Sparks (Girl Guides) meeting every Monday, Keeping up with normal life 'stuff' while trying to get homework done, have enough stock for the Christmas season craft shows.... Never mind sitting down to write for a while every week. It's all been just a bit crazy. Add to that craziness, teaching felting classes at Artistic Incidents in the near by city, and trying to figure out when would be a good time to do these classes in town, well. You can see why this has taken a back seat. I'm still out there, Working away, spreading the fibre love, if only locally instead of globally. I'm easily found on Facebook, it seems a quicker means of getting my thoughts out, and I can post multiple times a day if I want to, and I don't think I look as crazy. Or maybe Facebook is pure crazy. Who knows. Either way Facebook is the best place to keep up with my fibre follies.  That said, I'm about to write another post really quickly. Maybe it will just get to draft form before i have to run and pick the kiddos up again, but I'll try to have it actually posted soon!

Trying to keep her head above the water,

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