Sunday, July 6, 2014

Knit notes - Handspun Sweater - Finally Finished!

Phew! Remember when I said I was finished all but the weaving in of the ends?  Well, I did manage to get them woven in, and I put my wonderfully itchy awful sweater in the fashion show at Fibre week.  And of course, someone is there willing to take a picture of you in your handknits without looking at you sideways and complaining when you say "Nope! that's no good, keep taking pictures!" for about 15 minutes....

So, here it is. Me in my super itchy handspun sweater.  It fits so nicely after all that ripping the bottom out and redoing it, and free-styling the arm holes.

Yarn things- July 3 2014
(p.s. ignore the little balled up paper at my feet! I didn't notice it until after it was to late to do it again)


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