Friday, February 14, 2014

Found it Friday- The Gap

No.  Not the clothing store. Though I do have a pair of jeans from there that I plan on wearing into the ground and patching the ever living snot out of when they start to fail, simple because they are the most comfortable jeans ever.
I digress.  This Gap is about the creative gap. The one you are in as a beginner artist. Where you know you can create wonderful things, but no mater how many times you make, it's always falling short of the vision.  This video is an encouragement to working through that Gap. It may take a long time. But you will find your voice. I'm still finding mine. I'd say I'm still in the Gap.  I know my current limitations (family responsibility etc.) are holding me back, but I create what I can when I can. I'm trudging on through the Gap. So. For those out there, who find themselves striving for more, to be better, and to be all you know you were meant to be, I give you this video. I hope it finds you at the right time, as it found me, and bolsters your ambitions.
And since it's on Vimeo, and not Youtube, I have to give you the link.... Sigh...

Keep going, keep creating, keep working.  You will be awesome one day.


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