Monday, December 16, 2013

Grand Opening Sale!!

Yeah, baby!  It's time for a grand opening sale at the Etsy Shop!! Technically it started yesterday, so I'm a day late posting about it here.....  But!! That doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the next 29 days of sale!! :D  Dec 15, 2013- Jan15 2013 save 10% with the coupon code SpinGrand0 (<-that's a zero, not an 'O')
click to make bigger! ;)

Also, every purchase counts as an entry for a drawing at the end of the sale.  There are options!! One lucky person will have a choice of a yarny package that consists of yarn and stitch makers, or a spinners prize package of Batts and an oriface hook!  Prize valued at approximately 50$ :D

Oh! and the winner of the pre grand opening sale give away was Sharon Stacey!! Congrats Sharon!! 

Okay, now go buy some stuff ;)


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