Friday, September 13, 2013

Found it Friday

Oh look! It's a Friday, and there's a Found it Friday! ;)

Spin, it makes the world turn.  And apparently makes tiny 4 macro meter sized spheres vanish? 
explains it succinctly , with enough comedy to make science fun! 

I came across this article through the Spindle Lore group on Ravelry. 
The folks over there are having a pretty deep conversation about spinning and 
zen and why spinning seems so inherently centring.  I don't know about you all,
 but sometimes I feel like I 'vanish' when I'm in the spin zone. 

Happy reading!



  1. The link didn't work, but I can see how spinning can be zen. It certainly makes me more open and willing to talk to crowds of people when I'm at the market. When I first got my wheel, I slept so good after spinning because I still had the rhythm coursing through me as I was falling asleep. Of course, it can be very NOT zen when you have an 18 month old climbing you and sliding down your back, or standing between your knees trying to treadle with you as her wispy hair keeps getting caught in your yarn...

    1. well, isn't that sad. Lets try this

      Yes, I fully and completely understand the oh so not zen part too. How is your little one already 18 months old? Time flies all to fast when you are having fun....


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