Saturday, October 13, 2012

Color Blending Fun!

One of the Level 2 Master Spinners assignments is to blend all the colours on the colour wheel from the three primary colors.  These are my results:
Just the yarns.  Color theory assignment
Just the yarns.  Reds all the way through to the purples.
In progress color theory assignment
Part way to being finished.  Note that crochet hook.  It's 1.5mm.  So this stuff is t h i n.

(Almost) finished color theory assignment.
And the final piece.  I think I'll be leaving the yarn ends out.  I kind of like the way you can see them, as the whole point of this class is the yarn, not so much the crocheting or knitting of it.

And yes, the lighting is terrible.  And no, none of these pictures give the true colours.  Hopefully there will be sun tomorrow, and I'll be able to get much better pictures of these gorgeous yarns.


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