Sunday, September 16, 2012

Scrap Happy Scarf

I used to sew A LOT.  And therefore have a ridiculous amount of scraps that are long and thin.  They are the right size to quilt with, truly.  But why let perfectly good fabric be turned into a blanket?  Especially when you can spin it.
This is part of the pile I started with:
Scraps for yarn

I spun it up on a core of pencil roving
Scraps Yarn

And then knitted it straight off the bobbin into this lovely scrap happy scarf!  It's a drop stitch scarf, with one row of single dropped stitches, and a row of double dropped stitches.
Scraps Scarf, length shot.

Scraps Scarf

It's actually quite comfy and warm, despite some of the more coarse fabrics I did put in there, including the stuff you cover ironing boards with!  It's a little wacky, but so very fun!  I entered it in the Craftster RRR challenge, and voting takes place until the 20th!  Have a look at the other fabulous entries, and give the one you think deserves to win a vote if you are a member!  ( And if you so happen to think my scarf does, well then all the better for me :D)



  1. Lovely and what a great way to use up those scrapes - hate to admit how much I have but great idea... Thanks for sharing

    1. You're welcome! I love sharing :D No shame in having a large stash of scraps! it means you've been productive!

  2. I love it. And I agree, if you don't have scraps you aren't doing anything.


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