Friday, July 6, 2012

Tour de Fleece spins

Sadly I've not gotten to spin every day of the TdF.   I'd love to put life on hold and just spin for days on end, but that's not happening.
I've lost my marbles, and decided that this is not thin enough.  I want thinner.  I checked it's WPI, it's 53.  Why do I want this thinner?  I have no idea.
TdF day 2

This one was a mental health spin, done after the lace.  Instant gratification. Very relaxing and zenful.  Crazy carded batt, corespun on crochet cotton.
Tour de Fleece, day3

A whole lambs fleece, washed to retain the lanolin, and just get rid of the dirt.  Breed: Jacob.  This is for the whole fleece with lanolin scarf project in Handspun (or was it Intertwined?)  Sadly it's still wet, so I can't play with it yet
One little lambs worth of wool

And lastly, a non spinning but wool related project from Handspun, a rug made from a lovely piece of fleece.  I can't wait to get to felting this, it's going to be so soft.
The beginning of a small wool rug

We've been camping for a few days, but came home, for a few good reasons, one being that I injured my right hand.  I've discovered I can still spin, with very little, if any, pain.  But it's going to be a heck of a lot slower then normal.  Thankfully it's not my drafting hand.  It has, however, put me in the downy dumps.  But I'll bounce back, I'm sure.

Off to find a cuppa tea and see if I can get my kids to sit and watch a movie with me.


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