Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I think I'm in love....

Remember that story about meeting some fab folks in a trailer(camper) at Fibre Week?  One of them was Frazzlehead and one was Flannelberry.  I just stumbled (ish, I was grooving over at the  Olds Master Spinner group on Rav) upon Flannelberry's website.  Oh. My.  Fibre!  Great prices!  And and and!!! The most exciting part!  Discounts for Rural people!! Discounts!! OhMyGosh.  Okay so the reason this is exciting is because I'm rural.  Oh so much more rural then most.  Literally, the highway ends all of 1 mile north of my house. (or maybe 2, but what's the dif when we are talking about highways ending?)  Anyway, inexpensive fibre, bonus discounts to peeps who live where most wouldn't dare, and heck, she's a really nice lady to boot.

Guess who's spending her [husbands]  money on stuff she really doesn't need right now?

Update.  I did it.  I bought fibre I don't need.  But I'll use it, I swear!   I'll let you know how beautiful it is when it gets here!

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